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At Blair Landscape Services, Inc., we stand behind our work and so do our satisfied customers. Feel free to contact any of the references listed below for an assessment of our quality workmanship and service. Additional references are available upon request.

Landscape Installation
Krulevitch, Peter and Susana Pleasanton (925) 426-2403
Front Landscape Installation
  Walsh, Liz Pleasanton (925) 485-0358
Back Landscape Installation
  Gill, Louise Livermore (925) 292-5641
  Hirst, Christine Dublin (925) 560-8106
  Krulevitch, Peter Pleasanton (925) 426-2403
  Lecount, David Pleasanton (925) 200-7976
  Pillars, Travis Dublin (925) 361-7450
Back Landscape Renovation/Installation
  Simpson, Lauren Pleasanton (925) 523-3228
Front and Back Landscape Installation
  Christensen, Chuck San Ramon (925) 828-0595
  Defazio, Mike Pleasanton (925) 785-9168
  Brettkelly, Jody Oakland Hills (510) 459-4851
  Melin, Barry Danville (925) 640-7975
Front and Back Landscape Renovation/Installation
  Montoya, Mike Pleasanton (510) 508-7735
Back Side Yard Installation
  Christensen, Chuck San Ramon (925) 828-0595
Front and Back Planters Renovation/Installation
  Still, Tim Pleasanton (925) 200-6445

Hillsides Walkway

If you need any landscaping done do not hesitate to call these guys. Randy and the guys do first class work and more importantly do it in a neat, honest and timely manner. I called them some time in April for an estimate and at the time they scheduled me to start June 24th. I thought as the date got closer they would have to bump me back a couple of weeks as I was sure the other jobs ahead of me would be delayed but that was not the case. June 24th came and they were on the job and 3 weeks later my front and rear lawns and landscaping were complete. We had them do a concrete aggregate mow strip along with irrigation and some drainage repairs to go with the landscaping in our Pleasanton home. The best part is all of the new landscaping ties in perfectly with our existing landscape making it impossible to tell what we had done. Many thanks to Randy and the crew I will highly recommend them.

Mike D. - Pleasanton, CA