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Blair Landscape Warranty

Warranty Information…

Plant Material:

We provide a one hundred-twenty (120) day warranty on all plant materials for defective material and workmanship.
We provide a ninety (90) day warranty on new sod lawn planting for defective material and workmanship.

Hardscaping, Drainage, Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting:

We provide a one year (365 days) warranty on all concrete, drainage, irrigation, low voltage outdoor lighting, masonry and wood work for defective material and workmanship.


Please notify Blair Landscape Services, Inc. of any problems regarding any Plant Material, Hardscaping, Drainage, Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting as soon as possible to ensure the problem is taken care of in a timely manner.

Warranties may change depending on job installation or contract.

If you need a landscaping job done, this is THE company to choose! We had a clear vision of how we wanted our yard to look. Randall made that vision become a reality. From what was basically a building site, his excellent team of workers produced a beautiful yard we can’t wait to spend time in. While we wanted our planting to be low maintenance and mainly evergreen, we left plant selection to Randall and his choices are perfect. From the initial clear out, installation of a new drainage system, stamped concrete, watering system, fountain installation, borders and fenced in trash can area – everything was done quickly, professionally and perfectly! Not only was the work area left spotless and tidy at the end of each long day – the area outside the front of the house was swept, cleared of all debris and washed down on a daily basis. A totally stress free and seamless experience – we would recommend Randall and his first class team unreservedly to anyone who wants a fantastic yard! Highly recommended! – Gordon and Christine H., Pleasanton, CA