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Drought Tolerant Landscapes

Drought Tolerant Landscapes

Smart, enduring and sustainable "Drought Tolerant" Landscapes...

We design landscapes using less water while creating beautiful outdoor living spaces that excel in arid areas. This includes planting “low" to "very low” water use plants, converting spray sprinkler irrigation circuits to drip irrigation, adding decorative bark and rock including "dry creek beds".

The “Perfect 10” Ideas to Conserve Water Resources and Obtain a Beautiful, Thriving Landscape:

  • Plant Low Water Use Plants: We select water wise ("low" to "very low" water users) plant material using the WUCOLS (Water Use Classification of Landscape Species) plant list providing attractive, hardy and sustainable plants that complement the "drought tolerant" landscape theme.
  • Reduce Your Lawn Size: Cool-season grasses like water. Plant less grass or no grass to save water. We recommend planting Dwarf Fescue sod lawns which require 25% less water after root establishment and grows 25% slower than most other cool-season grasses.
  • Soil Improvement: Soil type is often heavy and compact "clay" in the Tri-Valley Area. We improve soil structure for better plant growth by incorporating compost into the Native soil. This soil improvement work allows water to infiltrate the soil better with less surface water runoff loss.
  • Drip Irrigation: Drip irrigation efficiently and conservatively supplies water at the root zone for plants with minimal runoff, evaporation and erosion.
  • "Smart" Irrigation Controller Boxes: We install "Smart" irrigation controllers designed to save water and program/test/label the system. Note: Older digital style irrigation controller boxes have less functionality for water savings. We can work with older style controllers and set multiple start times with less minutes to reduce surface water runoff loss and help save water.
  • Hardscaping: Consider adding patios with sitting areas, pathways, woodwork and garden art. These hardscaping items add nice landscape features not requiring water.
  • Water Fountains: A water fountain adds a focal point in the garden with pleasing water sound. Water fountains use recirculation pumps so water is recycled requiring a minimal amount of water.
  • Synthetic Grass: Synthetic grass is a good "no water" use option. Some of the benefits include a safe play area for the family and pets, low maintenance, a good choice for shady areas and looks good year round. We use American made "Lead-free" products designed to last 20 years+.
  • Decorative Bark, Rock and Boulders: Adding bark, rock and boulders helps discourage evaporation and weed growth while aesthetically beautifying the landscape.
  • Dry Creek Bed: A good dry creek bed starts with soil dig out (8” to 15”) in the dry creek bed center areas and building soil berms on the dry creek bed perimeter, then placing and securing landscape filter fabric and adding varying sizes of decorative rock and boulders with some planting to create a natural looking landscape.

We are ready to help you create a smart, enduring and sustainable "Drought Tolerant" landscape.